Plumsted Township School District (29-4190)

Plumsted Township School District

The Plumsted Township School District located in Ocean County has a population of approximately 1500 students attending four schools: New Egypt Primary School, Dr. Gerald H. Woehr Elementary School, New Egypt Middle School, and New Egypt High School. The Plumsted Township School District offers a comprehensive curriculum to meet the varied needs of the students and to prepare them for 21st century skills, as well as college and career readiness. Numerous programs are available to accommodate the individualized academic, social and emotional needs of the whole student.

The district has made development of the whole child (Mind, Body, Spirit) its highest priority. This belief is reflected in the district and building goals. During the 2016-2017 school year Plumsted Township School District will be undertaking the process of Strategic Planning to allow stakeholders and the community to determine the priorities and development of the district over the next five years. In addition, the district is annually collecting data based on pre and post culture and climate surveys of all stakeholders to determine strengths and weaknesses in educational programs, student opportunity, communication, district safety, and facility needs. To ensure students and teachers have the most rigorous, up-to-date programs the district reviews and updates curriculum continuously. This coupled with professional development in best practices in instructional strategies supports the district vision of continual improvement of all students and teachers.

The district’s academic focus is on continuous improvement by all students and teachers. In 2016, the district’s Preschool program expanded to a third full class. In 2015, a full day Kindergarten Program was implemented, both at the New Egypt Primary School. All of this expansion in early childhood education is supported by research on the advantages of exposing children earlier to developmentally appropriate education to insure student acclimation and future academic success.The district has purchased numerous resources that blend developmentally over the primary and early elementary. Systemically, students are now able to build upon successes, while teachers can accelerate or remediate using common language and skills.Teachers are provided with ongoing professional development to allow them to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses, develop strategies to address these issues, while improving their craft.

The district is committed to providing technology as a vital part of the instructional process. This year New Egypt High School went to a 1:1 initiative with all students receiving Apple Mac Airs. The New Egypt Middle School went to a 1:1 with Chromebooks. All students in both schools use their personalized laptop daily in school and take them home. Chromebooks and Ipads are used in the elementary and primary buildings. Teacher leaders have been trained to provide professional development on how to infuse the technology into the classroom instruction, as well as how to construct performance based assessments that need the support of the technology.

The Plumsted Township School District’s belief in the whole child is supported by robust co-curricular, extracurricular and athletic programs. Students are exposed to the Art, Drama and Music in Primary and this expands in elementary, middle and high school into a multitude of exhibits, plays and musicals, and concerts. All levels offer co-curricular opportunities for students to develop and compete in academic competitions. The elementary and middle school offer interest based and service clubs to allow students to explore new ideas and give back to the community. The high school has a wide variety of clubs and organizations that encourage “out of the box” interests while really promoting service to humanity. The middle school has 14 athletic teams supported by two coaches which allows additional participation. The high school offers 21 varsity athletic teams and many sub-varsity teams.

A strong collaboration between the PTO and the district ensures that students have a connection between home and school which is essential for developing well-rounded, engaged learners. These programs are supported by parents, community members, and Board of Education members all dedicated to excellence in education.

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