Lakeland Regional High School District (31-2510)

Lakeland Regional High School District

Our plans for the 2016-2017 school year are varied as we look to expand academic opportunities for our students while changing the shape of the school day. We will look to enhance communication by providing digital opportunities for the school and local communities to see all the positive events/accomplishments and newsworthy information focused on our Lakeland school community. Our facilities will continue to be upgraded as we look to enhance the air conditioning/ heating system across our entire campus and improve our athletic facilities.

Our first goal focuses on expanding academic and non-academic offerings for all students based on student interests. Lakeland offers a wide array of academic course offerings. We are planning to expand these offerings based on student interests. We continue to build upon our successful “School to Work” and our “Student Internship” programs. Students will have the opportunity to work and intern in a variety of businesses to help better prepare them to make the right career choices upon graduation from high school.

Plans are underway to enter into a partnership with Passaic County Community College and Felician University to help our students gain valuable and transferable college credits while attending high school. The list of courses offered will be varied to address both academic and non-academic interests. Our partnership with Morris County Vocational Tech as well as, and a wide array of professional and technical schools, will continue to offer our students a variety of opportunities. By providing an expansive catalogue of course offering both on campus and at our satellite locations, Lakeland Regional is looking to attract students from both sending districts. With both college prep and trade school options, Lakeland Regional is further cementing our status as a learning center where all students can pursue their interests and achieve their individual goals.

Our Ninth Grade Academy started in September. This innovative program helps to ensure a seamless transition for all of our Ninth Graders as they enter high school. Our goal is to help our students acclimate to the rigor of high school by providing them with plenty of guidance and direction during their freshman year which will undoubtedly help prepare them for success throughout their high school careers.
In the area of facilities, our campus is completely rewired for internet connectivity. We are continuing to add chrome books to our school’s inventory of available technology that can be accessed by all students and faculty. We are expanding the use of our media center to encompass a number of academic and nonacademic activities. Our new state of the art STEM Research Laboratory and Health and Wellness Center are being utilized by all students. These facilities are a tribute to a Board of Education that believes in educating the whole student. Our plans for the upcoming year include expanding our athletic facilities and completing the HVAC work in the East Building so that both buildings will have new and improved heating and cooling systems.

Visitors to Lakeland immediately observe a positive school climate where all students take pride in our campus and understand the importance of being students in “good standing”. We promote proper behavior, mutual respect, and mindfulness with all members of our student body. As we prepare our students for the future, we take pride in reaffirming our commitment to building positive, productive citizens.
We are continuing to promote Lakeland to our local sending districts as a center for learning. It is environment where students can take advantage of our high achieving academic programs designed to prepare our students for post high school endeavors, our championship athletic programs, and a wide variety of extracurricular activities. There is something for everybody here at Lakeland Regional High School.

Continued articulation with the Wanaque and Ringwood public schools will help set the tone for academic success for our incoming students. Community outreach efforts designed to improve the district image and retain high achieving students from both sending districts will remain to be a focus this year. We want all our students to enjoy that unique learning community that is Lakeland Regional High School and to actively participate in promoting “Lancer Pride” in our local communities.

For more information please visit the Lakeland website at or contact Mr. Hugh E. Beattie, Lakeland Regional High School Superintendent of Schools, by email at:, or by phone at 973-835-1900.

Yours with Lancer Pride,