Little Falls Township Public School District (31-2700)

Little Falls Township Public School District

The mission of the Little Falls Township Public School District is to work collaboratively with the community and caregivers to motivate each student to reach his/her individual potential through meaningful programs, outstanding teaching, and 21st century experiences in order to lead us responsibly into the future. We work collaboratively to make sure that all of our students are provided the materials, supplies and opportunities necessary to learn in creative and meaningful ways. This is achieved through the strong relationships with the entire Little Falls Community. Whether it is using interactive white boards, document cameras, or iPads in the classrooms, team teaching, whole class instruction, or working with children in a small group or on an individual basis, our teachers are instructing, encouraging, and motivating our students to succeed.

A strong school and home relationship is paramount. Through the redesign and redevelopment of our website, we are able to communicate information quickly and efficiently. In addition, we have created numerous opportunities for parents to participate in the education of their children. The development of Family Curriculum Nights, Parent Academy, as well as teacher created websites, parent portal, and Google Classroom enable parents to see what their children are accomplishing in school. Through parental involvement activities such as these, parents also learn how to foster educational opportunities at home. The PTA and PTSA sponsor after school programs as well as events to support our district goals and objectives.
The Little Falls Township Public Schools offers its students a comprehensive curriculum. As a grade PreK-8 school of approximately 890 students, we are dedicated to providing our children with developmentally appropriate pedagogical practices in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music, physical education, health, world language, media skills, computer literacy, and STEAM. Our integrated language arts program presents our students with a variety of materials and teaching approaches which challenge them to think critically and to apply specific reading and language arts skills as they progress through fiction and non-fiction literature. There is also a daily emphasis on balanced literacy. The Math In Focus program has been created to develop the children’s conceptual understanding of the standards and to encourage the students to think critically about math.
We are committed to fostering the growth of the entire child. Academic, physical, and emotional developments are promoted through classroom activities, assemblies, and observation of important programs such as week of respect and STOMP out bullying. We are proud to continue making advancements in the area of HIB prevention and taking action towards being stigma free.

The Little Falls Public School District
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