Totowa Public School District (31-5200)

Totowa Public School District

Welcome to the Totowa School District where “Our Kids Come First.” The district is comprised of two schools, Washington Park School, grades three through eight, and Memorial School, preschool through grade two. Totowa schools offer our students an extensive academic, social and extracurricular program that provides many avenues for student success. Whether it’s through academics, music, drama, technology or athletics, our students are provided choices and opportunities to experience programs of the highest quality.

The Totowa School District is committed to meeting the needs of all students and maintaining the highest level of education to ensure that all of our students achieve maximum growth. The district implements benchmarks throughout the year to ensure students are meeting the Common Core State Standards.

The staff and administration, along with the support of the Board of Education, provide students with all the necessary tools essential in achieving academic success. The district goals and objectives for the 2016-2017 school year are as follows:

- To continue to improve student achievement results in the areas of Language Arts, Mathematics and Science on state assessments, district-wide benchmarks, unit assessments, and formative assessments.
- To create a district unified approach for language arts and mathematics instruction in preschool through grade eight.
- To increase the relevance of technology infusion in classroom instruction.
- To increase the capacity of the district to communicate with parents/guardians.
- To improve the quality of instruction by ensuring accountability for classroom performance and teacher effectiveness.

We are proud of the fact that our extracurricular programs are funded by the Totowa Education Foundation and the PTO at no cost to our taxpayers. The spring musical, intramural and interscholastic volleyball and basketball are funded at no cost to our taxpayers. These costs amount to over $100,000.00 annually.

Our students have computers in their classrooms along with Smart Boards, three computer labs at Washington Park School, two at Memorial School along with Smart Boards, and wireless laptop labs with wireless connectivity at no cost to our taxpayers throughout the buildings. All equipment was obtained through donations made by the Totowa Education Foundation and grants sought by the administration.

Our facilities exist on park-like settings, meticulously maintained and landscaped. Memorial School, over 100 years old is completely refurbished and modernized. Washington Park School enjoys sixteen new classrooms and a new full size gym to compliment the existing classrooms. A new cafeteria was constructed where students enjoy daily hot and cold lunches. The outdoor recreational areas at WPS includes a softball field, soccer field, and basketball courts on blacktop that also accommodates other activities. Lunch tables allow for outside dining during lunch when weather permits.

The Totowa School District is interactive with the entire community. Through collaboration and cooperation with the Totowa PAL, senior citizen groups, Mayor and Council, businesses or other groups of interest, all members of our community benefit. We are proud of our students’ accomplishments made possible by our excellent and dedicated professional staff, support staff, administrators, Totowa Board of Education, parents, and community groups.

Truly, our kids do come first.