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Wanaque School District

WANAQUE BORO (31-5440)

The Wanaque Public School District is comprised of the small and supportive Haskell and Wanaque communities, both of whom are committed to the district’s mission of developing students into life-long learners and responsible citizens who are capable of engaging in critical thinking and informed decision-making. Our mission is to engage all students by providing an enriched academic and social foundation that fosters a love of learning, where all students achieve the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards at all grade levels, thereby creating informed citizens ready to meet the varying challenges of a rapidly changing world.

During the 2015-2016 school year, the Wanaque School District actively pursued the communities request for a reconfiguration of schools, which was a direct result of a Strategic Planning process conducted during the 2014-2015 school year. Several meetings were held with community members and our architectural firm to begin the implementation phase. Plans to install the necessary toilet rooms and a science laboratory are on track to be completed during the summer of 2017.

Technology to support learning is continually upgraded. We are constantly challenged to provide our students with the appropriate kinds of knowledge, skills and tools that will prepare them 21st century life and career readiness. Throughout our curriculum we provide opportunities for students to acquire knowledge and skills as they begin their lifetime of learning. Our programs are developed to reflect current research and best practices, stressing interdisciplinary instruction, cooperative learning strategies, and increased use of technology. Students acquire the habits of inquiry necessary to prepare them effectively for the technological and information age of the twenty-first century.

Providing for the diverse needs of all learners is critical. We continue to improve classroom intervention strategies through our Intervention and Referral Services Committee. The district’s comprehensive special services program provides students with special needs a full range of personnel, program and placement options including access to the general curriculum. The program options offer each student the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential in the least restrictive environment.

The Wanaque Public School District is extremely proud of our students, staff and community whose success is a direct result of their collaborative efforts to work together. The Parent-Teacher Associations at both buildings, along with the Wanaque Education Foundation, play a vital role in the success of our school district through their continued efforts to support and enhance the programs offered to our students.

As Superintendent of the Wanaque School District, it is my privilege to serve such an outstanding community and continue to investigate programs that will address the needs of our children. We are extremely pleased to share the New Jersey Department of Education report card for the Wanaque Public School District with you. We are particularly proud of our accomplishments and encourage you to learn more about our district by visiting our website at www.wanaqueps.org..

Donna L. Cardiello, M.A.
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