Woodland Park School District (31-5690)

Woodland Park School District

The Woodland Park Schools in Passaic County serves upwards of eleven hundred students in a PSD – Grade 8 setting. Charles Olbon School, Beatrice Gilmore School, and Memorial Middle School each recognize and provide for the diverse needs of our student population through a variety of programs and services. We are proud of the way our students, parents, faculty and staff work together in an environment of trust and respect, as all stakeholders striving for excellence. Each of our schools provide a safe, supportive learning community, where children feel challenged by a climate of high academic expectations and strive to achieve this each and every day.

Students in the Woodland Park Schools are provided with a variety of in-depth experiences including those which involve critical thinking, problem solving and decision making strategies. Our district offers a comprehensive curriculum at all grade levels. Each content area program is continuously updated as new and promising instructional best practices are sought. Teachers have the opportunity to meet in Professional Learning Communities to discuss student achievement and successful teaching strategies. The district continues to implement the state standards, and prepare students for the PARCC assessments. District-wide curriculum, instructional, and professional development efforts are data driven and evaluated regularly. Increasing student achievement is our top priority.

Our district provides academic enrichment, remedial and intervention programs, as well as child study team and related services. Academically talented instruction is delivered in a push in and pull out model. All students are exposed to STEM related enrichment through technology classes. Basic skills instruction is provided to students who fall below expected levels of performance based on multiple criteria such as district-wide benchmark assessments, end of year benchmarks, reading assessments such as DRA and Teacher’s College, teacher recommendation and grades. Special needs students are provided with a range of services in order to meet an array of physical, educational, and emotional challenges.

We believe that the Woodland Park Public Schools create a climate for students to learn and discover their unique potentials. Students function well on challenging and creative tasks in an environment that promotes high expectations. All students are valued for their individual gifts and are continuously encouraged to explore learning opportunities that build confidence.

Student accomplishments are often a product of the cooperation among home, school and community. The Woodland Park School District is most fortunate to have the support and cooperation of its community. Our schools reflect the community ideal which supports the concept that individual student achievement and success is a cooperative effort between parents and educators. The district’s Home and School Associations selflessly donate time, resources, and financial support to our schools. They provide students with a variety of unique educational experiences and opportunities. The district is thankful for
their support.