Elsinboro Township School District (33-1350)

Elsinboro Township School District

Elsinboro Township School

Elsinboro Township School is an Interdistrict School Choice district located in a rural community nestled in the southwestern corner of Salem County. The community consists of farmland, homes and riverfront estates along the Delaware River.

The school organization is kindergarten through eighth grade. There is one class per grade and the class sizes are normally small. The average class size is 17, which allows for more personal and individualized instructional programs for each student. This optimal learning environment has proven beneficial to the students who continue to strive to meet New Jersey's standards of proficiency.

The alignment of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards to our curriculum is an on-going and progressive process. In science and mathematics a ninety minute block of instructional time is used in a discovery-oriented, inquiry based, problem centered approach to investigate and understand mathematical and science content. By empowering the students to develop problem solving skills, they will come to realize the potential usefulness of science and mathematics in their lives.

We currently implement a Language Arts Literacy block as well. The entire school has integrated reading, writing, spelling, listening and speaking into a ninety minute block each day. Writing pre and post prompts have been established for use as writing assessments. For writing we use The Writing Academy. TWA is a comprehensive, brain-compatible writing process that serves kindergarten through eighth grade. It is vertically aligned and covers the four styles of writing (Narrative, How-to, Classificatory, and Persuasive), the research paper, the novel, and all of the technical components to make students’ writing successful (grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling). Through brain compatible exercises students learn to write interesting, organized, focused papers with well-developed ideas where their voice comes through to the reader. An incredible emphasis is placed on making sure that the students feel the confidence to express their personalities in everything they write. This process encourages individuality and creativity and enables our student writers to connect emotionally with their readers.

Elsinboro Township School has a structured Gifted and Talented program. The program was designed to provide challenging and rigorous curriculum for gifted children with strong academic skills. The framework of the program makes provisions for an ongoing K-8 identification process for gifted and talented students that include multiple criteria for admission.

Elsinboro implements MAP, or Measure of Academic Progress, testing. MAP is a computerized adaptive test which helps teachers, parents, and administration improve learning for students and make informed decisions to promote a child’s academic growth. MAP tests are given three times per year.

Technology and the tools of technology are familiar sights in every classroom. Students now use technology as an everyday resource.In grades 4-8, Google Chromebooks are issued to every student for use in all their classes. IPads are utilized in the lower grades. Elsinboro Township School has SMART Boards for all classrooms. The SMART Board allows a more interactive learning environment. A combination of traditional whiteboards and computer technology, the boards will enable our teachers to project digital images from a computer to the board, where they can be manipulated and annotated by both teacher and student.

Attendance rates of students and staff are above the 95th percentile. We feel this is important because studies have shown that the continuity of instruction is the key to student success and that there is a direct correlation between attendance and academic success.

Grades K-3 are self-contained and grades 4-8 are departmentalized. Physical education, Health, Art and Music are taught by our specialists.

Parent involvement and community partnership are important to Elsinboro. We view our parents and community as partners whose vital role can enhance our mission to shape each child's educational program and social development. Parents are actively engaged in many of the activities in the school. They play a vital role in supporting the efforts of our professional staff. As a community centered school we value the partnerships that we have built with our parents and know that involving all the stakeholders makes for a better school. The Elsinboro School values its relationships with all of its constituents. We have developed and established a positive, healthy, learning-centered environment with the community. The stakeholders recognize and acknowledge the consistent quality education that is provided by the staff on a daily basis.

We strive each day to build on our success and deliver the best instruction to our children each and every day. Striving toward educational excellence is the challenge we face each and every day. It is a benchmark we shall achieve!

Constance McAllister, CSA