The New Jersey School Report Card, an annual report on New Jersey schools, provides parents and other community residents with information on how well schools are performing and how tax dollars are invested in our children's education.
The school Report Card is another key element of the monitoring system, providing greater accountability through meaningful public disclosure. The Report Card contains five main sections. First, you will encounter a narrative for the school. This enables parents and other citizens to have the opportunity to see the school through the eyes of those who work there. Second, the report will review basic demographic and organizational data for the school. For most elements, state and district factor group comparisons are offered. This is a data comparison with other districts whose community characteristics are most like ours. Third, the Report Card will depict school level achievement. For LAC, these scores represent PARCC testing grades 3 through 8. The fourth section, concerning graduates, applies to districts with a high school program. The fifth section includes district level personnel and fiscal information. To assist with interpretation, the Report Card also provides a definitions section for both school and fiscal data elements.
Our district continues to improve various efficiencies through the advancement in technology. Currently, we have a wide-area network that enables us to communicate with everyone. We have wireless technology that connects all classrooms and offices to the internet. Our student data system works in conjunction with the NJ Department of Education smart database. The district is also creating a new and improved website. Here the public can access information regarding school/district events and Board of Education meetings.
These continue to be exciting and challenging times for all students. We have been fortunate to be able to continue programs and services for our students during these difficult economic times. We are grateful for the continued support of the community to our school district.
As always, we have staff available to meet with you if you have questions regarding any of the information contained in the school report card. Please feel free to contact the school office for any assistance that you may need.

Dr. Phillip Neff
Chief School Administrator