The New Jersey School Report Card offers an overview of the breadth of the programs and activities offered to students in the Pennsville Township Schools. This report is part of the governor’s initiative to provide local taxpayers with more information about their community, based on the previous year’s achievements. The following pages compile data relating to demographics, district finances, and snapshots of academic offerings and performance to achieve that goal. While there is always room for continued improvement, we are proud of our efforts and accomplishments.

Our Board of Education usually holds its regular meetings on the last Monday of the month. The Board meets as a “Committee of the Whole” on the Monday preceding the regular meetings. We encourage participation from the community.

The Pennsville School District is made up of five schools: Valley Park Elementary School (Grades Pre-K, K, 1), Central Park Elementary School (Grades 2, 3), Penn Beach Elementary School (Grades 4, 5), Pennsville Middle School (Grades 6, 7, 8), and Pennsville Memorial High School (Grades 9-12). Each school has its own identity, but shares the same mission across the district. We encourage our parents to visit the schools during events, speak with our staff, review our curricula and programs, and become personally involved in their children’s education.

The Pennsville School District, with almost 2,000 students, has a long-standing commitment to provide the best programs for our students. From the elementary grades through high school, meeting the needs of every learner is our top priority. The district boasts a variety of support and enrichment programs to provide opportunities for every pupil. Elementary school students receive the benefits of immersion in the State Literacy Model and the interactive rigor of the GoMath program in addition to a multitude of supplemental academic opportunities like Accelerated Reader. The middle school offers a wide variety of course electives to meet student interests and has implemented a unique 1-1 iPad program for all sixth grade students. Pennsville Memorial High School offers its students 15 Honors courses, 5 Advanced Placement courses, 5 dual credit courses with Salem Community College, and a variety of Independent Student courses. An extensive special education program is provided by the District by which classified students are provided with equal access to the general education just as their non-classified peers.

In collaboration with the Salem County Vocational Technical School, the high school houses three academies for students with special interests. The Graphic Arts Multimedia Technology Academy is designed for those students interested in careers related to graphic design, and the two Creative Arts Academies serve students with interests in voice and instrumental performance.

A strong and varied list of extra-curricular activities, including interscholastic athletic programs for boys and girls, encourage all of our students to become well-rounded life-long learners. Thanks to the vocal and orchestral academies, students have many opportunities to participate in various performing groups.

As an integral part of the learning process, technology is used to empower individual staff members as facilitators and enable students to function as self-directed learners, complex thinkers, collaborative workers, and effective communicators as they bring relevant information to bear upon personal/professional problems. To this end, our campus-wide WIFI, computer labs, computer/iPad carts and classroom work stations help staff and students to take part in technology-rich experiences. Our district has “gone Google” with Google Classrooms being piloted in each of our buildings. Most classrooms have interactive Smart Boards to help improve student learning and advance technology skills from K-12. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics-themed (STEM) courses and clubs have been implemented throughout the school district. And finally, teachers, parents, and students have real-time access to grades and attendance through our student information system, PowerSchool.

Pennsville Township endeavors to prepare students for entry into a rapidly changing global economy, to have success at colleges and universities, and to be productive citizens in our society. Please contact us, if you have any questions.