The New Jersey School Performance Report offers a glimpse of the breadth of programs and activities available in the Pittsgrove Township School District. This report is part of the governor’s initiative to provide local taxpayers with information about their community schools, based upon the previous year’s achievements. The report presents data relating to demographics, student growth, and academic progress and performance. As you read the report, we think you’ll be proud of our accomplishments, but feel that there is always room for improvement.

Our Board of Education holds its meetings on the first and third Thursday of every month. We welcome the public’s attendance and involvement at these gatherings. During the fall, we review academic performance from the previous year. At the March meeting, we hold a public hearing on the budget and its implications. In addition, the Pittsgrove Township School District’s website offers important information concerning school and district events, policies, and program offerings. The district utilizes PowerSchool as its student information system. PowerSchool provides parents with access to their children’s grades and attendance. The district website also includes links to teacher web pages, as well as Board of Education meeting agendas and minutes.

The Pittsgrove Township educational community is comprised of five schools: Norma Elementary School (PreK-K), Elmer Elementary School (Grades 1-2), Olivet Elementary School (Grades 3-5), Pittsgrove Township Middle School (Grades 6-8), and A.P. Schalick High School (Grades 9-12). Each school has its own unique identity that serves a common purpose within the larger context of the district. We encourage our parents to visit the schools, communicate with our staff, review our curricula, and become personally involved in their child’s education.

As part of a rural community in Salem County, the Pittsgrove Township School District strives to provide the highest quality programs for our students. We continue to increase the educational opportunities at A.P. Schalick High School through articulation agreements with post-secondary schools. High school students have the opportunity to earn college credit for courses completed at Schalick High School. We continue to expand our program offerings for the K-8 students. The Pittsgrove Township School District is pleased to offer child care services, programs for pre-school students, summer activities, a wide spectrum of extra-curricular activities, and athletic programs. The District is also looking to expand its offerings in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) at both A.P. Schalick High School and the Pittsgrove Township Middle School. Our goal is to provide students with greater exposure to content knowledge, skills, and career opportunities in the STEM pathways.

The Pittsgrove Township School District prides itself on the integration of the latest tools and technologies for teaching and learning at all educational levels. To prepare our students for the fast-paced world of technology, all of our buildings are equipped with wireless Internet access, Apple computers, Chromebooks, iPads, SMARTboards, and a variety of hardware and software resources.

Pittsgrove Township, like all communities across New Jersey, must prepare students to compete in a rapidly advancing global economy; demonstrate college and career readiness skills, and be productive members of our society. We are proud of the excellent educational opportunities and learning experiences that we provide to our students—who we consider to be our greatest asset. We challenge each of you to work with us as we strive to make Pittsgrove’s educational program even better. Together, we can make a positive difference for our students and schools. For additional information, please contact the Pittsgrove Township School District.