Woodstown-Pilesgrove Regional School District (33-5910)

Woodstown-Pilesgrove Regional School District

It is my pleasure to present to you the 2015-2016 New Jersey School Report Card for the Woodstown-Pilesgrove Regional School District. This School Report Card provides the school district’s constituents with information concerning the district’s programs, including test scores, attendance data of students and staff, financial details, and other specifics which together form a comprehensive review of our school district’s offerings to the Woodstown-Pilesgrove community as well as the high school sending districts of Alloway, Oldmans, and Upper Pittsgrove. Leadership and oversight of the Woodstown-Pilesgrove Regional School District begins with the Board of Education. Our Board is comprised of eleven members representing the constituencies of the aforementioned sending districts and the Woodstown-Pilesgrove Regional School District. The sending districts send their students to Woodstown High School, and those students comprise approximately one half of the high school population. School Board representatives from Alloway (1) and Upper Pittsgrove (1) join five representatives from Pilesgrove and four representatives from Woodstown to make up the eleven member Board of Education.

It is our belief that the essential tenet of our educational program is that “Learning is Our Mission.” Every year presents us with both new and longstanding challenges that we must be resolute and bold in meeting in order to provide our students with a first-rate education. This requires us to “Honor the Past, Confront the Present and Embrace the Future” in the successful pursuit of this enterprise. Your interest and involvement in your child's education, with all the subsequent activities, is an essential ingredient in this endeavor. The School Report Card serves to further augment this process by providing parents and the public with important information about the district and the quality of our educational programs. It enables us to assess our strengths and identify our needs in order to formulate appropriate strategies to ensure a sound and excellent educational program into the future. I implore you to encourage others to become shareholders in the partnership of education. Your children—our students—are the common ground we share. Together, we must strive to provide for them the best education possible. They deserve nothing less.