BRANCHBURG TOWNSHIP School District (35-0510)


The Branchburg Township School District is reflective of a community that places a high value on education. Our school district takes pride in the individual and collective accomplishments of our students and the priority our families hold for the education of their children.

The Branchburg Township School District is fortunate to have a community that values education and generously supports our three schools. Community partners, such as The Branchburg Township Education Foundation and Parent Teacher Organization, have been particularly generous in underwriting the creative ideas of teachers through a program of school and district grants.

The school district offers a challenging program with rigorous academic standards and engages in an ongoing evaluation of our curriculum and extracurricular programs. We pride ourselves on seeking innovative and creative ways to motivate learners and establish an environment which fosters cooperation, teamwork, and curiosity. The overwhelming majority of our students respond positively to the challenges of this environment, but those students who require additional help receive it from instructional support and special education teachers who work hard to help all students achieve.

Our students score well on standardized tests and improve their test taking skills as they move through the system. We focus our teaching on the Core Curriculum Standards and have PLC’s in all grades developing benchmarks and formative assessments for each of the standards.

The Board of Education and the administration work hard to communicate effectively with students, teachers, parents, and the community. The exchange of information and ideas provide a sense of community pride in the accomplishments of our students, our staff and our schools.