Hillsborough Township Public School District (35-2170)

Hillsborough Township Public School District

Located in Somerset County in central New Jersey, Hillsborough Township covers an area of 54 square miles of residential homes, small businesses and family-owned farms. Hillsborough Township Public Schools is a kindergarten to twelfth grade district that provides a comprehensive education to approximately 7,200 students in its nine schools. The district has six elementary schools (grades K-4), one intermediate school (grades 5-6), one middle school (grades 7-8), and one high school (grades 9-12).

The Hillsborough Township Public School District is committed to providing a superior education for all students so they will lead us successfully and responsibly into the future.

We believe in serving the Hillsborough community by developing a strong academic foundation for our students and staff; developing lifelong learners who employ problem solving and critical thinking skills; building learning communities and raising social consciousness; and providing a rigorous education, in a fiscally responsible manner, that exceeds the guidelines set forth by the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and NJ Student Learning Standards.

Hillsborough Township Public School District is dedicated to addressing the diverse needs and abilities of each individual student. The district offers a rigorous academic program that includes curricula that is relevant to the 21st century world into which our students will graduate. Our students have access to a broad array of honors and AP courses, a diverse range of electives, and a specials cycle that exposes all elementary students to the arts, humanities and world languages.

This school year, the district has undergone a curriculum revision in science K-12 focusing on the Next Generation Science Standards in alignment with the new vision for science education.

Hillsborough Township Public Schools supports a learning environment that effectively integrates technology into the classroom. The district is currently in its third year of a 1:1 technology initiative. Every student in grades 5-12 receives a Chromebook provided by the district. The district believes the opportunity for each student to have their own device will result in an overall enhanced educational experience, better student organizational skills and expansion of learning and sharing beyond the walls of the traditional classroom. Each student in grades 3-4 has their own district-provided Chromebook and students in kindergarten through second grade are provided with Nexus 7 tablets for use in school.

In addition to academic work, students are encouraged to participate in extra- and co-curricular clubs, activities and sports.

All schools have an open-door policy with easily accessible teachers and administrators as well as active Home and School Associations. The parents, students, staff and community members take great pride in the success of our students and schools. The commitment of all stakeholders makes Hillsborough Township Public Schools an outstanding place to learn and grow.