Manville Board of Education (35-3000)

Manville Board of Education

The Manville School District is located in central Somerset County. The educational community services approximately 1435 students with two elementary schools, an intermediate school and a high school.

The Manville School District has experienced a renewed commitment to academic excellence for our children. The focus for the 2015-2016 school year has been the following initiatives:

• Continued review of the district campuses and Emergency Management Plan;

• The implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) with revised
curricula in specific subject areas with a formalized instructional/curriculum
articulation model;

• Building capacity for Next Generation Science Standards in preparation for a
Middle School Pilot in 2016-2017;

• Refinement of the formative assessment instruments for students in grades

• Consistent professional learning for administrators and teachers in support of
Literacy and Active Learning across the curriculum as prescribed by NJCCSS;

• A prescriptive academic support program;

• A remedial, enrichment, and theater arts summer program;

• An extended school day for academic support; and

• Continued implementation of the New Jersey Department of Education
ACHIEVENJ mandate.

Student data, formal and informal, supports the instructional process. With a focus on individualization of instruction and the infusion of technology to integrate 21st century skills, the teachers of the Manville School District are afforded time to participate in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), the District Evaluation Advisory Committee (DEAC) and state mandated School Improvement Panels (ScIPs).

An expansion of the art and music programs has afforded our students with opportunities to participate in band competitions and the County Teen Arts Festival. The district music program offers our students a continuous developmental program. The students of the Manville School District excel in the arts. As a participant in the Skyland Conference schedule, our sports program is growing. Talent and skill have enabled our student athletes to experience improved records and an increased competitive spirit. In addition, the Manville High School National Honor Society, the Future Business Leaders of America organization and the Manville High School Leadership continuum support the development of the child as a contributing member of the school and the community.

The district guidance department continues to offer a cohesive guidance program district wide; school guidance counselors also serve as the Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Specialists. The on-going focus and implementation of the Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying (HIB) law adds to the school’s already firm foundation of student individuality. The district website posts the mandated HIB reports.

The integration of technology as an educational and management tool has been expanded to include continued professional development in the area of infused technology and Problem Based, Active Learning in Manville’s classrooms. The FUSE Algebra program offers students with an expansion of traditional instruction with more individualized and self-paced academic support. Further integration of both iPADs and Google Chrome Books as educational instruments has realized additional individualized academic support programs. The virtual high school has expanded the course offerings for students in grades 8-12.

The Manville Board of Education (BOE) participates in two BOE Retreats annually. These retreats result in the development of yearly BOE goals and increased professional learning to support the Board’s decision making. The members of the Manville Board of Education have increased communication with the public, acknowledge teacher and student accomplishments and provide formal presentations focused upon district initiatives. Collaborating with parents, the district’s formalized Parent Academy offers specialized programs.

Fiscal responsibility to the citizens of Manville is a primary goal of the educational community. The district has completed an energy audit and has been awarded the Excellence in Financial Reporting Award because of its exemplary level of financial transparency.

The Manville Public School District is fortunate to have strong support and formal associations within the community of Manville. Our Parent Teacher Associations, Manville Education Foundation and Municipal Alliance provide continual enrichment programs to the Manville Public School District.

The Manville Public School District represents the values of the Borough of Manville. Our community values public education. It is through this commitment and collaboration that the Manville School District maintains its focus on providing all children within the district with an individualized program of studies.