Montgomery Township School District (35-3320)

Montgomery Township School District

In Montgomery Township School District we believe that it is not enough to teach kids how to learn, but also to teach them to love to learn. To do this we believe we must establish the highest standards of excellence for educating all individuals to use their knowledge, values and skills enabling them to function with self-esteem, self-respect, self-discipline, integrity and compassion as responsible members of society. In turn, we as a School District will provide a nurturing, stimulating environment, a dedicated staff, an innovative curriculum and the opportunity for community involvement and support.

Montgomery Township School District is noted for academic excellence and as a result its schools are ranked among the best in New Jersey. To accomplish this, Montgomery offers comprehensive and innovative curriculum to students, including a broad array of AP and honors level courses. Additionally, the district supports a technology-rich learning environment designed to enhance student learning and maximize achievement.

According to Dr. Maurice Elias, Rutgers’ University, social and emotional competence is a key to success in school and in life. We know that emotions affect how and what we learn and that caring relationships provide the foundation for lasting learning. Skills such as resilience, persistence, critical thinking, and being benevolent human beings are just a sampling of critical skills necessary to be successful in today’s global world.

Professional learning opportunities enhance the faculty's ability to enrich their own learning and that of their students. Educators have access to advanced technology applications and resources. Experts, both inside and outside the district, afford faculty a variety of trainings to meet their needs throughout the year. The district has embraced a philosophy of differentiation of instruction as the key to student success at all grade levels. As well, Montgomery's special education programs are highly regarded.

The district has experienced tremendous growth in the past several years. In 1993-94, the district had 1780 students; currently, the district's student population is 4800. The district has centralized schools rather than neighborhood schools. A new, state-of-the-art high school facility opened in September, 2005. In addition, the district's K-8 school buildings were reorganized in September 2006 into a PK-2, 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8 configuration to accommodate the needs of students and to anticipate the more modest growth expected over the next several years.

Although academics play an important part in the accomplishments of Montgomery's students, academics is only a single component of the well-rounded individuals attending Montgomery schools. We also celebrate their efforts in community involvement and service as well as their accomplishments in clubs and individual and team sports where district, conference, and state honors have been bestowed upon them. It is through the integration of these diverse areas that a Montgomery student moves into the world well equipped to succeed outside the school environment and continue his/her love of learning.