Warren Township School District (35-5470)

Warren Township School District

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Warren Township School District is a source of pride for a community that places a high value on the education of its children. During the 2015-16 school year, 1823 students were served by the district. Students are housed in four K-5 elementary schools and one 6-8 middle school.

A comprehensive core curriculum, including language arts/reading, mathematics, science and social studies challenges students. Instruction in Spanish is also offered in grades 1-5, along with traditional “special” areas such as physical education, art, music, computers and library. Warren Middle School offers Spanish, Mandarin, and French to students in grades 6-8, all of which can lead to accelerated placement at the high school. Advanced algebra and geometry instruction are available to qualified grade 8 students, similarly leading to accelerated placement at the high school. A comprehensive elective program is offered at the middle school level that allows students to experience additional educational opportunities beyond the core subject areas. A STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) program called Innovation and Design has been implemented in grades 3-8.

Students in grades three through eight take the state’s PARCC standardized test and continue to perform well above state averages and the averages of similar communities (as defined by the state’s measurement of socio-economic variables—“DFG”).

The district is fully networked with extensive (but controlled and filtered) access to the Internet. Additionally, Chromebooks are provided for all students in grades 3-8. K-2 students have access to classroom iPads. Automated library facilities are available in all schools. An array of after-school activities (clubs, sports, etc.) is offered to students of all ages to complement the regular academic program and enhance the social and emotional development of students. Character education programs focus on citizenship and respect.

To address individual student needs, remedial assistance is given through the ASAP (basic skills) program in grades 1-8. Building I&RS teams identify strategies to address unique student needs that may extend beyond typical services. Creative and academic enrichment opportunities are provided to all students through the REACH, REACH, TOO! and E2 programs. Child study teams evaluate children who may have learning difficulties, or other eligible disabilities, and prescribe special education programs and services. The teams work closely with staff and parents to develop individualized education plans (IEPs) to meet specific needs.

To bridge the gap from June to September, “Summer Fun” is the Board’s extended year program. Academic remediation classes are offered in core subject areas at Board expense and enrichment classes, such as digital photography, writers' workshop, drama, science discovery, and arts and crafts, are offered on a fee basis.

At all grade levels, the Warren Township schools maintain a year-round commitment to excellence and to “Shining Brighter Every Day,” reflective of the community’s high expectations for its students’ educational experiences.