Watchung Borough Public School District (35-5540)

Watchung Borough Public School District

The mission of the Watchung Borough Public Schools is to foster in students an intellectual curiosity that will lend itself to a lifetime of learning and to develop the necessary skills to pursue this learning. Watchung students demonstrate outstanding achievement in all areas, whether assessed by tests, individual portfolios of work, individual or group projects, or creative productions. Our commitment for the future is to continue rigorously researching and upgrading our curriculum, methods, and instructional strategies to ensure that we prepare each student for further study, work, citizenship, and individual attainment. We stress individual responsibility and accountability, motivating our students to serve their community and the nation. All of our students, kindergarten through eighth grade, are cognizant of and responsive to the needs of our military men and women overseas, the victims of natural disasters throughout the world, and those in need in the USA. Our goals include the development of respect and understanding for all cultures and religions, which we celebrate at both schools. Our parents and community members are committed to our success, offering support through participation in classroom activities, PTO and Educational Foundation fundraising, and service on district and school committees. We are fortunate to have dedicated and caring volunteers assisting us throughout the year.

The Watchung Borough Public Schools follow United States Common Core and New Jersey Department of Education curriculum content standards for: mathematics, science, social studies, language arts literacy, world languages, comprehensive health and physical education, the visual and performing arts, and cross-content 21st Century Career Skills. Content standards define what students should know and be able to acquire, and the understandings they should develop in the course of their K – 12 school experience. By design, the standards do not specify results in the affective domain of attitudes, feelings, beliefs, or self-esteem. However, the importance of students’ social and emotional development to their intellectual growth is acknowledged throughout the standards documents. In each of the academic areas, including world languages, Watchung’s curriculum and expectations exceed those mandated by the New Jersey Department of Education. Our students learn to use technology effectively to strengthen their mastery of the curriculum. SmartBoards, iPads, computers and e-readers are used across all grades to enrich learning, bringing real-time internet connectivity to each lesson. Students in grades 5-8 all have Chromebooks for use in school as well as at home. Whether in first grade or eighth, our students write and edit, construct charts and graphs, conduct research in science and social studies, and collaborate with students in other schools, incorporating their technology skills. Our music and art teachers employ technology as well in their daily lessons, allowing students to explore composition at higher levels of the learning taxonomy.

The teachers and administration are responsible for the revision and development of curriculum guides for Board approval, and the implementation of the programs prescribed in the guides. Following a prescribed schedule, our faculty reviews and revises courses utilizing the Rubicon Atlas Curriculum Mapping system. The teachers develop goals and objectives, instructional strategies, activities, benchmarks, and evaluation measures for all content areas. Review of the content areas occurs on an on-going basis in the intervening years and necessary adjustments are made. The district has adopted Danielson’s Framework for Teaching and teachers are evaluated using this model via the OnCourse platform. Our teachers also serve on various professional committees at the local and county levels.

The Watchung Borough Public Schools are exemplars of highly successful institutions of learning. We are proud of our teachers, staff, administrators, students, parents, and Board of Education. Together we strive for excellence!