Andover Regional School District (37-0090)

Andover Regional School District

The Andover Regional School District promotes an environment for all students, regardless of ability, that encourages independence, responsibility, respect for learning, and acceptance of challenges in order to grow. This is accomplished within a safe, positive, and stimulating environment hosted by a dedicated and supportive faculty and staff. The Andover Regional School District goals provide the educational community at large with the necessary guidance, direction, and encouragement for quality teaching, student learning and continued improvement.

Goal 1: Implement small group and student-centered instructional strategies to meet the needs of all students
Goal 2: Increase the use of instructional technology across all grade levels and enact a 1:1 Chromebook initiative for grades 7 and 8
Goal 3: Execute all aspects of the county-wide Safety and Security Plan
Goal 4: Ensure that all district funds are utilized in a fiscally responsible and efficient manner
Goal 5: Undergo the Strategic Planning process and accomplish short and long term goals determined by the Strategic Plan

The continued progress of the Andover Regional School District remains largely dependent on the presence of an extraordinarily gifted and generous faculty and staff, engaged and supportive parents, and of course, a positive student body, that is eager to learn and to grow.