Byram Township School District (37-0640)

Byram Township School District

Byram Township is located in lower Sussex County in Northwest New Jersey. Easily accessible by Route 80 and intersected by Route 206, the township consists of 22.48 square miles, two dozen lakes and ponds and a population of over 9000. The area is best characterized as “rural, growing and open”. Residents of Byram are served by adjacent post offices in Stanhope, Andover and Sparta.

The Byram Township School District is governed by a seven-member board of education; the administrative team consists of a superintendent, two building principals, an assistant principal, a business administrator, an elementary supervisor and a technology coordinator. Currently, there are two schools accommodating approximately 865 Byram students. Most of Byram’s students attend Lenape Valley Regional High School in neighboring Stanhope.

Byram Schools are avidly supported by constituent parents; various school committees invite parental involvement. The mutually high expectations and the expressed value of a quality education create and sustain a child-centered, nurturing and pleasant working climate. Byram Township Schools are committed to the achievement of individual academic excellence through high quality teaching, learning and community involvement, which results in students being well prepared to meet future educational challenges and to contribute to society. The Byram Township Schools are always searching for the most effective ways to help enhance the educational experience for our students. The district implemented a full day kindergarten program in the fall of 2014 to give those incoming students an increased opportunity to achieve success in their future academic careers. A state of the art STEM lab (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) has been constructed in the Byram Intermediate School allowing our middle school students in grades 6-8 to apply their knowledge in a hands-on learning environment. The Byram Lakes Elementary School has implemented a STEM classroom as well. Also offered in the Byram Intermediate School is a Mass Media course where the students learn about the world of media including how to create, edit, and produce videos. The Byram Schools is also an approved School Choice District.

The categories shown on this report card have been selected by the New Jersey Department of Education to reflect, in their opinion, information that will give you an outline on each school for comparison throughout the state and allow you to form an opinion as to the unique nature and cost effectiveness of what we have to offer. As you review this information please keep in mind that the financial data is not adjusted regionally but rather represents not just our rural area but all sections of our economically diverse state. Given the declining financial support at the state level and the absence of local commercial and industrial ratables, the residential homeowners bear an increasing tax burden to sponsor a high quality educational program.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome as we continue to refine the manner in which information is provided to you and we work towards building better bridges of communication in maintaining an excellent educational atmosphere for the children of Byram. Please reference our district web page at for further information.