Franklin Borough School District (37-1570)

Franklin Borough School District

We strive to meet the needs of each individual student at Franklin Borough School. We are confident that our exceptional staff members will continue to meet all of their responsibilities in a professional and positive manner.

Our teachers encourage our students to open their imaginations, stretch their abilities and begin the journey of lifelong learning. The staff members in our learning community guide our students toward academic and social improvement utilizing research-based curricula and successful instructional techniques. Following the mandate promoting early literacy, students in kindergarten through fifth grade participate in a balanced literacy approach to language arts instruction that embraces five essential components (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension) for reading and writing acuity. Complementing the reading and writing skills that are infused into all areas of the curriculum, our mathematics program focuses on activities that stress application and are based on real-life situations. Classroom instruction targets the use of higher-order thinking skills, and social studies and science classes are “hands-on” and student-centered. As a result of interactive lessons, all students are active players in the learning process.

Recognizing that students possess a variety of intelligences, academic classes are supported by art, library media center services, instrumental music, general music, classroom enrichment, physical education/health, and technology. As our world becomes smaller through the use of technology and media, students also have the opportunity to acquire a second language by participating in Spanish classes in grades K-8. These content areas are aligned with the Common Core Content Standards and the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.

We are proud of the history of our town and the support the community has provided to our public school. This red brick building has been superbly maintained since 1915 and effectively blends tradition and innovation. School board members and the municipal government work together to make a variety of experiences available to our students and to community members. The Franklin Borough School District provides a world of learning opportunities for all of our students.