Green Township School District (37-1800)

Green Township School District

In the Green Township School District, every child is taught the value of education. The school prepares our students to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow by nurturing the needs of every child. Great communities have great schools and a dedication to the emotional, social and intellectual development of its children. Green Township is truly a great community. The district believes in, and supports, thinking at every desk. We want to know your child as well as he/she can be known. Our goal is to create the best version of every child.

The Green Hills School provides a comprehensive education for the students of Green Township from grades Kindergarten through eighth grade, while sending its secondary students to Newton High School through a sending/receiving relationship. Green Hills is a Public School Choice district and can accept students from a 20-mile radius.

Green Hills School’s Audacious Vision:
Through the investment in human capital and by valuing and treating all learners as unique, intelligent individuals we will unleash our full potential and become, by far, the best school district in the state of NJ.

It is a dedication to detail that allows our school district to be a special place for the children, their parents and the community at large of Green Township. By providing our staff and community with the best on-going, job-embedded and relevant professional development we will not rest until our vision is a reality…Second to None. In Green, the best of the new and dynamic (20time and Design Thinking) exists alongside the best of the tried and true.

For additional information about the district please visit our website at This report card is only one indicator of the many successes of our school district.