Hopatcong Borough School District (37-2240)

Hopatcong Borough School District

A gateway community to Northwest New Jersey, in Sussex County, Hopatcong Borough has a rich history associated with the largest recreational lake community in the State. Founded in 1903, the Hopatcong School District offers a comprehensive Pre-K – 12 System with a long history of quality education for its nearly 1,6700 students. A staff of educational professionals and support personnel work diligently each day to assure that each student receives a rigorous standard based educaton with the nurturing and support necessary to prepare students for post-secondary education and experience for the world of work. Our teachers are all highly qualified by national standards and are among the very best in the State of New Jersey.

The District operates an Early Childhood grade level success program, which enables all of the students in grades Pre-K, Kindergarten and first grade to be served at the district’s Hudson Maxim Elementary School. Second and third graders attend the Tulsa Trail School, with fourth and fifth graders attending the Durban Avenue School. Grade level programming offers opportunities for us to match student learning styles with teaching styles fostering very strong curriculum coordination, articulation among teachers and schools, while providing ongoing professional learning communities to discuss and monitor student progress.

Our Middle School serves youngsters in grades six through eight and our High School serves students in grades nine through twelve. In addition to a rigorous and comprehensive program of studies, the High School offers programs in co-curricular and interscholastic athletics, the arts, student activities, and numerous opportunities to enhance student experiences. The district offers a comprehensive Special Education Program from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade, serving the needs of nearly four-hundred classified students.

The New Jersey State Department of Education designated Hopatcong Schools as a “Highly Performing School District” in 2011. As such, the Hopatcong School District stands tall in its challenge to assure that the efforts of our teachers, administrators, parents and the community have a singular purpose to support a quality educational program for all our students. In closing, our philosophy encourages full community support and partnership in the education of Hopatcong’s students, giving each student our utmost attention.