Lenape Valley Regional High School District (37-2615)

Lenape Valley Regional High School District

The Lenape Valley Regional High School District (LVR) is a single-school district that receives students from Byram Township and Stanhope Borough in Sussex County and from Netcong Borough in Morris County. Also, in 2011, Lenape Valley Regional High School was designated as a “Choice School District”.

With its beautiful wooded, suburban setting, LVR opened to students in September of 1974. The physical plant and its facilities have been dutifully maintained, affording its students not only a safe and contemporary environment in which to learn and grow, but also to enrich their lives in a wealth of extra-curricular activities and sports.

LVR identifies as its core mission the intellectual, social, and emotional development of all learners. This is addressed through commitments to: the fostering of intellectual curiosity, confidence, and self-esteem of all students; the provision of balanced curricular and co-curricular programs; the reinforcement of personal effort and interpersonal respect; the recruitment and retention of staff of the highest quality; and the continuous improvement of this high school as an institution of learning.

In its mission to develop graduates who are contributing members of society, individuals who are respectful of others, independent learners capable of acquiring information and making informed and responsible decisions, students must complete a minimum of 140 credits and complete 40 hours of service learning/community service in order to graduate.