This annual report card provides information about your child’s school and the PreK-12 district level financial information. Copies of the report cards for the other district schools are available upon request. In summary, all of the reports indicate that PreK-12 student academic performance exceeds the state average in every category.

Vision Statement:

Sparta will achieve the highest level of proficiency in the Department of Education’s Student Learning Standards (NJSLS) by identifying and applying the most effective instructional strategies.

Graduating Sparta students will…

1. perform in an educational environment that makes them attractive to their selected colleges, universities and technical schools
2. be provided with skills that prepare them for their desired career opportunities
3. be committed life-long learners
4. be active contributing members of the community
5. develop confidence that fosters responsible, independent, critical thinking

The Sparta Board of Education adopts district-wide goals and performance measures to reflect that the highest priority is given to student achievement. The District Goals for the 2016/2017 Academic Year focus on: improving student performance outcomes for all pupils by providing a challenging, comprehensive, and fully articulated curriculum and academic program as outlined by the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS); increase students’ capacities to demonstrate mastery of 21st Century Skills by providing opportunities to develop a foundation of communication, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration through the use of technology; and to create a positive culture and climate within our five school buildings, and amongst our students, staff and school community. A five-year Long Range District Strategic Plan for the years 2015-2020 has also been developed and implemented that will address academics, personnel, facilities, governance, finance, and any other identified district needs. In addition, the continued development of a comprehensive in-house district professional development program for staff will remain a district priority.

The district’s expectation is to continue its commitment to achieve academic excellence within a sound fiscal strategy. By reviewing the financial data in this report, it becomes very clear that Sparta’s per pupil expenditure is far less than the state average. Yet, our performance levels exceed the state average which is consistent with recognizing the unique qualities and needs of all students and providing them the necessary resources to achieve academic excellence. A team consisting of dedicated teachers, supportive parents, committed Board of Education members and administrators are all working cooperatively to maximize student opportunities.

Thank you for your continued support of the Sparta Township Public Schools.