Linden Public School District (39-2660)

Linden Public School District

In the Linden Public School District, our efforts to improve student learning continue to progress forward. Within the schools, robust and targeted programs are in place to address instructional needs and requirements. We continue to hire the best teachers, provide professional development opportunities and purchase the latest technology, all with the goal to increase student performance. Our community can be justly proud of the efforts of their students.

It is the nature of schooling that while things may be going well, they can always be made better. In Linden, we continue to focus on improving the mathematics and language arts state test scores of all our students. We have dedicated significant resources to helping students who need extra assistance, whether that assistance is offered through after school tutoring or supplemental educational services. We host both full day Pre-K and Kindergarten programs taught through the "Tools of the Mind" curriculum. Our aim is to educate all our students so that they have the skills and abilities necessary to function in our more complex society.

Our technology one-to-one initiative is in its fourth year and provides students with the opportunity to improve academic achievement by integrating 21st century skills in the classrooms to make instruction more engaging, meaningful and relevant to their lives. Through this initiative, the district has placed MacBook Air laptops in the hands of over 4,000 students in grades three through twelve.

All parents in the City of Linden should appreciate that students can get the best education through the Linden Public Schools. Top students are identified in Kindergarten and supported through the 12th grade. At Linden High School, the International Baccalaureate program offers a world-class education for students interested in an academic rigorous challenge. Our district has an innovative and top ranked pre-engineering program at our middle schools and high school. In addition, there is a wide array of extracurricular activities at all schools, including athletics, fine arts, and specialized programs like Navy Junior ROTC.

The multitude of resources within the Linden Public School District ensures an individual comprehensive experience for every student's particular path. The cultural richness and diversity of our community is reflected in the achievements of our students. We are a district where students are able to challenge themselves, reach their maximum potential and develop as responsible, mature and intellectually capable citizens.