Welcome to the Mountainside School District. We are pleased to share that our schools serve students in grades preK-2 (attending Beechwood School), and grades 3-8 (attending Deerfield School). Students in grades 9-12 attending Governor Livingston High School in Berkeley Heights as part of our sending relationship. In preparing students for these experiences, our vision is to ensure that Mountainside remains a premier suburban school district in which all students acquire the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to live rich and full lives as productive and enlightened members of society, empowering them to shape, build, and achieve their dreams.
The vision of the Mountainside School District is to provide an exceptional, well-rounded education with equitable opportunities, which align with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards, for all students that will empower them with the knowledge, literacy and skills to compete and thrive in a global environment, while becoming responsible on personal, community, and world levels.
We continue to believe:
• that children are society’s most valuable asset and every decision should be in their best interest.
• that schools should give all students opportunities to achieve and succeed to the best of their abilities.
• that schools should provide a safe, positive and welcoming environment that emphasizes integrity, pride, acceptance and mutual respect and will allow students to become responsible and caring adults.
• that students must understand the value of education and the opportunities it provides.
• that schools must address the needs of the whole child in areas such as: social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and civic preparation.
• that schools should create a comprehensive curriculum incorporating 21st century creative and critical thinking, technology, communication, entrepreneurial, and problem-solving skills imperative to succeeding in a global society.

• that well-rounded academic and extracurricular experiences (athletics, fine arts, clubs) should be available and encouraged for all students.
• that parents are essential to the success of the educational process.
• that staff members should be knowledgeable in their subject areas, with a vigorous emphasis on professional development and creative, innovative instructional methods to ensure all students achieve at their highest levels.
• that facing budgetary and economic issues, the district will find the best funding resources available to support its mission and to provide efficient, effective and safe school facilities and infrastructure.

• that an excellent school system is crucial to the economic development and vitality of the community
• that community involvement is critical in the educational process
• that we must commit to continually improving communication and maintaining a strong relationship between the schools, residents and Mountainside community at large.

More specifically, the Mountainside School District goals are:
1. To create high quality 21st Century schools that will prepare our PreK-8 students to face the rigorous academic challenges of secondary and post-secondary education and/or challenging careers.
2. To maximize the efficient use of district resources and funding opportunities.
3. To provide the best technological learning tools, and a reliable and dynamic infrastructure and environment for our students and faculty.
4. To maintain/improve communication and community engagement within the district and between the school district and all stakeholders.
5. To promote and maintain a safe and secure school environment.
Please be sure to access the district website links to develop an even greater understanding of our commitment to our exceptional students.