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Rahway Public School District

There is a proud tradition of excellence in our community. Rahway has played key roles in the formation of our democratic society in America. From the Revolutionary War, through the Civil War to present day, the values of freedom and equality have been guiding forces in the shaping of our community. Education has always been a cornerstone in our community.

Graduates from Rahway High School have become doctors, lawyers, teachers, researchers, judges, politicians, professional entertainers, professional athletes, and Superintendents of Schools. All Rahway High School alumni have used the skills taught to them by our fine staff to, in many ways, shape the lives of not only the citizens of Rahway, but of New Jersey, America, and the World.

Our comprehensive schools serve all the children of Rahway. Students begin their educational careers in an outstanding half day preschool program and move quickly to a full day Kindergarten program. In their elementary neighborhood schools they experience a host of opportunities. Knowledge and skills in both language arts and mathematics provide the base of our elementary instruction. All students learn how to use technology to solve problems.

Recently the Rutgers Future Scholars, a pioneer program that for the last eight years has inspired and prepared students to attend college, has been extended to include Rahway School District students. The goal of the Rutgers Future Scholars program is to increase the numbers of academically ambitious high school graduates who come from less-advantaged communities, inspire and prepare them to meet the standards to be admitted to colleges and universities, and then provide tuition funding to those who are admitted and choose to attend Rutgers University. In short the Rutgers Future Scholars program offers hope, opportunity, and tuition scholarship.

In the secondary level, students have access to comprehensive, academic-focused, college-preparatory courses. As students move through the secondary levels they are enriched with a wide array of programs that feature a nationally acclaimed Junior ROTC program, and an award-winning fine and performing arts program that continually is ranked among the best in the state. Our athletic teams proudly compete at the championship level and more importantly are recognized for their sportsmanship and their spirit of fair play.

Our graduates have been encouraged to reach for the best universities in the land and have continually shown their ability to compete with the most accomplished students across the nation.

Through a partnership of professional development with Kean University, seasoned instructional staff work in tandem with aspiring student interns to cultivate the next generation of teachers.

Our community and parent organizations, in addition to groups such as the Band Boosters and Sideliners, are of immeasurable help to our students in their extracurricular activities.

We will continue to challenge our students with rigorous classes as we have become a leader within the College Board and have been recognized for our emerging and dynamic Advanced Placement Program. We are constantly striving to find avenues to challenge our students to pave their way for a bright future.

The Board of Education and the municipal government are strong partners in the education of the youth of Rahway. Our staff is committed to providing a full array of educational experiences and co-curricular activities to deliver a quality educational experience to Rahway’s most prized citizens, our youth and the future of our community.

Our web-site is attractive, easy to use and full of information to help families and the citizens of the community navigate the Rahway Public Schools. This is a dynamic site, ever-changing to stay current and meet the needs of the school family and community. See for yourself at www.rahway.net.

Education is an on-going process. Rahway is a community of life-long learners where we nurture inquisitive minds. Teaching and learning is an active process that requires engaged individuals and a commitment to excellence from all parties involved. Our future is very bright. By working together every child will be successful.