The Roselle Borough Public School District is committed to preparing ALL of our students for college, work, and life. We provide a safe, clean, positive and supportive learning environment in which ALL students can successfully develop socially, emotionally and academically into lifelong learners and responsible, productive citizens. We continually strengthen and align our curriculum with state, national and international standards that are engaging, rigorous, relevant, and implemented consistently. We work diligently to ensure that all students, parents, staff and community members are respected and informed in our family-friendly schools. We strive to motivate ALL of our students through various innovative instructional strategies, methods and techniques. Utilizing students’ skills, talents, and unique abilities, we are preparing them to meet the demands of an ever changing competitive 21st Century global society.

Classified as suburban/urban by the New Jersey Department of Education, the Roselle Public School District is very proud of its diversity and the changes that are taking place to enhance its educational programs. This small town/suburban ambiance attracts many new residents to Roselle’s 2.58 square miles, which is home to more than 21,000 residents, of which approximately 2,800 are students in our PreK-12 programs. Roselle Public Schools students are housed in eight buildings located throughout the District.

The Roselle Public Schools Expanded Learning Model provides full-day, full-year instruction and enrichment that focuses on the whole child in an effort to foster academic, social and personal growth. The model encompasses five components: 1) Before-the-Bell Program, 2) During-the-Bell core classes plus structured recess and lunch opportunities for physical activities, 3) After-School Instructional Program, 4) Evening Enrichment Program, and 5) Summer Recreational/Enrichment Program. All programs are offered in the elementary schools, the middle school, the junior high school, and the high school.

Sustained professional development continues to be a primary focus for the District. As the 21st century rapidly evolves, so should the necessary skill sets for effective and efficient instructional practices. In addition to refreshing our current array of professional development activities and opportunities, Common Core, PARCC, curriculum development, meaningful professional development, teacher evaluation, Principal evaluation, and innovative technology usage have all been given high priority for the 2015-2016 school year.

Curriculum development and evaluation are an ongoing process in the Roselle Public School District, and we use current educational research, the Common Core, and New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards as well as national standards in our curriculum development. This process ensures that each curricular area is comprehensive and reflects current educational thought. New curriculum adoption is based on the “Understanding by Design” model, which clearly states the methodology and process in which curriculum is delivered to the students by looking at the “Big Picture.”

The use of technology by teachers, students, and administrators continues to expand. In addition to the administrative uses for communication, budgeting and student record-keeping, teachers continue to explore innovative ways to include technology in their lessons. Teachers are increasingly using Smartboard and Ipad technology to enhance instruction and provide real-time, primary source information to students. Classroom instruction is closely aligned with data and best practices that enhance teaching and learning. Student assessment, both formative and summative, assist teachers in providing differentiated instruction to improve student learning. Students develop proficiencies in age-appropriate software applications, such as “DRA2,” “I-Ready,” “Edmentum,” “Reading Plus,” “Read 180”, Model Curriculum Unit Assessments, and “Study Island.” This information provides the foundation for data driven instruction to guide differentiated instructional strategies to individualize students’ learning.

The Board members, administration, staff, and parents of the Roselle Public School District are committed to the continued growth and development of our students. The cooperative and collaborative efforts of all members of our school community strive for one basic goal: the implementation of a student-centered, comprehensive educational program that meets the needs of ALL students and prepares them for college, work, and life.