Township of Union Public Schools (39-5290)

Township of Union Public Schools

The Township of Union Public School system is a preschool through grade twelve district. Located in northern-central Union County, Union, New Jersey, has a resident population of approximately fifty-six thousand. The Township of Union is bordered by the Union County municipalities of Elizabeth, Hillside, Kenilworth, Roselle Park, and Springfield, and the Essex County communities of Irvington, Maplewood and Millburn.
There are ten schools currently in operation: six kindergarten through grade four elementary schools; one elementary school which houses all of the district's grade five students; two middle schools, grades six through eight; and one comprehensive high school grades nine through twelve. The annual operating budget for the district is approximately one hundred twenty-five million dollars.

The district employs over 1200 staff and support personnel. The current enrollment of students in the district is approximately 7201. The Township of Union Public Schools is dedicated to providing quality education that meets the needs of a diverse population.

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Township of Union Public Schools is to build on the foundations of honesty, excellence, integrity, strong family, and community partnerships. We promote a supportive learning environment where every student is challenged, inspired, empowered, and respected as diverse learners. Through cultivation of students' intellectual curiosity, skills and knowledge, our students can achieve academically and socially, and contribute as responsible and productive citizens of our global community.

District Philosophy:
The Township of Union Public School District, as a societal agency, reflects democratic ideals and concepts through its educational practices. It is the belief of the Board of Education that a primary function of the Township of Union Public School System is the formulation of a learning climate conducive to the needs of all students in general, providing therein for individual differences. The school operates as a partner with the home and community.

Major Initiatives:

Initiative One--The Township of Union Public School District’s first initiative is to begin the process of improving the infrastructure in order to meet the needs of the students and provide high school students, initially, the opportunity to participate in the districts one to one technology program once all infrastructure issues are resolved.

Initiative Two--During the 2016-2017 school year the Township of Union Public Schools is working with our neighboring university to establish a relationship of professional collaboration; providing opportunity for potential candidates to choose the district for their educational careers.

Initiative Three--The Township of Union Public School District will launch the Instructional Improvement System; EdConnectNJ. This is a tool that will support data-driven instruction and curriculum planning. EdConnectNJ provides supervisors and teachers with a wealth of tools to assist in planning and organizing daily instruction, assessing student growth, and grouping students to facilitate differentiation of teaching and learning.

Initiative Four – The Township of Union Public School District has begun efforts to promote positive Public Relations for our district. While creating partnerships with local entities it is the objective of the district to foster a positive outlook of our schools throughout the community.

Initiative Five – The Township of Union Public School District’s fifth initiative is to continue to research and pursue alternate funding sources to enhance both curricular and extra-curricular offerings throughout the district.