Westfield Public School District (39-5730)

Westfield Public School District

Westfield Public Schools
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Westfield, New Jersey 07090

Quality instruction and high achievement were characteristic of the 2015-2016 school year in the Westfield Public Schools, where we continued our dedication to the Tradition of Excellence.

Our graduation rate was 99%, and 97% of the 2016 graduating class are continuing their education this fall, with the vast majority at 4-year colleges and universities. In comparing test score averages, Westfield students’ standardized test results were well above the state level, SAT scores surpassed the state and the nation, and dozens of trophies and medals were earned in academic, athletics, and fine arts competitions. I invite you to read more about these accolades in our individual school narratives.

We were pleased when Classroom Close-up NJ, an Emmy award winning TV program, selected the Westfield School District to demonstrate the effectiveness of instructional technology at different grade levels.

In 2015-2016, we offered an enriched inter-disciplinary curriculum with a focus on critical thinking skills to more than 6,300 students in grades K-12. A total of 40 different curricula were revised and designed to continue to motivate our students as well as meet and exceed state and federal standards.

Additional technology upgrades were implemented to enhance our curriculum. All 5th grade classrooms received brand new computers and additional laptops were placed at several of our schools. Following what we accomplished last year at the High School, our technology team installed improved WiFi access points in both of our intermediate schools in 2015. Professional Development – which included year-round technology workshops – were attended by teachers at every level. The Westfield School District was the host for a cooperative professional development venture which included three other school districts working together in the formation of a new science curriculum. Their activities mirrored what their students would be experiencing, especially in new STEM design challenges.

Not to be outdone, 265 Westfield students also had their hand in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math activities at our annual summer STEM Camp. We added a third week to the Camp to meet the interest of our third through eighth graders.

Every year, as we welcome new staff members to our schools, we engage them in Westfield’s New Staff Institute to equip them with best practices to serve our students.

As is customary in our school community, students raised tens of thousands of dollars for charities, collected food and clothing for those less fortunate, and gave countless hours of their time to help those in need. I continue to be proud of our students who have achieved so much, give so much, and represent our school district and town so well.

Adequate funding for education continues to be a challenge for suburban school districts like Westfield. I had the opportunity in the summer to join two other NJ superintendents and 200 superintendents across the country at a Legislative Advocacy Conference in Washington, DC. Together with our Board of Education, I will continue to address the need for additional federal and state support with our legislators both locally and on a state and federal level.

Here in Westfield, the community supports the goals we have set to help our students reach their highest potential and to become responsible citizens in our society. It is heartening to know that education is valued highly in Westfield. Our Board of Education, parents, town leaders, community members, administrators, faculty and staff, and most importantly, our students, contribute to the ongoing Tradition of Excellence in the Westfield Public Schools.