Belvidere High School is a Group I school of approximately 500 students; encompassing grades nine through twelve that has made continual improvements in regards to our programs of study and course offerings. The high school has made significant strides in all areas. Belvidere High School is small enough to receive personal attention yet big enough to compete on a Global Scale. Belvidere High School has experienced continued success on the A.P. tests, graduation rates and students attended higher learning institutions as well as our students earning higher scores on the PARRC and SAT tests. BHS has continued its use of Google Apps for Education Platform (GAFE) by including Cloud-Based Learning into our everyday approach to instruction. We have taken a collaborative approach to increasing technology in our teaching practices and strategies. Our district has made a commitment to improving our WIFI, adding Chromebooks each year and encouraging students to BYOD (bring your own device). Our school and community values and supports the educational experience and recognizes the need to include technological advances to assist our students and give them the skills needed to compete globally. Belvidere also encourages our students to think critically and problem solve real world situations by creating leadership opportunities and challenging our students to engage our staff and community in promoting and sustaining a culture of learning and respect.

The District serves students from the Belvidere K-12 district and three surrounding K-8 districts; Hope, Harmony, and White. The high school offers an educational program which includes 241 different course offerings for students. There are approximately fifty-six full time staff. The school is guided by a district philosophy which promotes, “A partnership of nurturing parents, dedicated faculty, and supportive communities to provide an exemplary education in a safe environment which empowers all students to become lifelong learners and to excel in a global society"(Mission Statement).

Belvidere High School’s goal is to create an environment of academic success for all students. The 2015-16 school year saw more than eighty percent of the graduating class move on to attend an institution of higher learning. Belvidere School District regularly collaborates with our sending districts to maintain a strong curriculum and ensure that all students who enter BHS are provided with the support they need in order to be successful. Dual-enrollment courses have been added to our list of Advanced Placement courses; and dual enrollment course offerings are aligned in conjunction with our local community college. We offer a total of twelve AP and Dual-enrollment courses. We continually evaluate our curriculum to challenge our students in the classroom.

The co-curricular program is comprised of over twenty organizations and clubs in addition to our athletic programs. These programs are the cornerstone of creating a comprehensive high school that offers something for everyone. Community service is emphasized through courses, clubs, and organizations. Our students volunteer in our community and also raise money for charitable organizations. Belvidere also offers numerous clubs and activities to promote and raise social awareness. We offer three vocal programs; General Chorus, Scarlet Choir, and Chamber Singers. The Instrumental Music Program is comprised of a Concert Band, Marching Band, and a String Band. The Student Government and Agricultural Education/FFA clubs continue their long and proud history of students receiving state and national recognition. Random Drug Testing for all students participating in extra-curricular activities has also been in place for a number of years at the Belvidere High School.

Belvidere High School supports and maintains a proud tradition of athletic programs consisting Football, Wrestling, Field Hockey, Swimming, Girls/Boys Soccer, Boys and Girls Cross Country, Girls/Boys Basketball, Cheerleading, Golf and Baseball/Softball. Our teams continue to receive recognition on regional and state levels. Individual athletes also receive both local and state recognition for their outstanding accomplishments on a regular basis.

Belvidere High School is proud to provide an educational environment that supports the development of the academic, social, and emotional needs of all students. We believe that fostering relationships between the community and school is a commitment toward raising lifelong learners. We welcome the input of parents, students, and community members in utilizing a team oriented, collaborative approach. Working together with our community promotes growth and success for our students. It is the High School years that are essential in making the transition from childhood to adulthood and is our belief that each child must be ready to live, work, and serve in our community. We provide our students with a strong academic background and challenge them to be productive citizens.