Blairstown Elementary Township School District (41-0400)

Blairstown Elementary Township School District



Welcome to Blairstown Elementary School. We are extremely proud of our students, both past and present, and equally proud of our faculty and staff. Blairstown is a close-knit community located in northwest New Jersey, near to the historic Delaware River and the world famous Delaware Water Gap.

Approximately 477 children attend the school in grades pre-school through six.

The Blairstown School system offers an inclusive educational program that meets all state and federal mandates. Blairstown has adopted the Danielson model of teacher evaluation in compliance with state code and Achieve NJ regulations. Teachers and administrative staff have been trained and are implementing the evaluation system. The District Evaluation Advisory Committee meets several times per year to review and distribute the latest updates from the State Department of Education and to fine tune the district procedures for observation and evaluation.

Sophisticated chorus, strings, band and performing arts programs are available for students in grades four, five, and six. The Sussex County YMCA provides Before School Care and After School Care Programs on site at Blairstown Elementary.

Blairstown Elementary School contains 29 regular classrooms with additional facilities provided for Instrumental and Vocal Music, Art, Child Study Team Services, Speech and Language, and Special Education. A full size competition gym houses the Physical Education program. A large state-of-the-art library boasts over 15,000 volumes and is used by all students. The web-based computerized card catalog is accessible via the internet.

School facilities are used extensively by community residents. Basketball, wrestling, and soccer programs use the gymnasium throughout the year while Daisies, Brownies, and Girl Scouts hold meetings and events in the cafeteria.

Classrooms are often used for adult training sessions and meetings.

Approximately 90 staff members provide the necessary services for educating students and maintaining and operating the buildings and grounds.

The entire school facility is wired with fiber optic and category 5 cabling providing a Windows NT/Ethernet computer environment in all classrooms and offices along with high speed access to the Internet. All classrooms have voice, video, and data capability. Report cards are computerized. Teachers utilize a web-based computerized lesson planning tool and classroom based interactive whiteboard technology is in use in every instructional space in the school.

Two 30 unit computer labs are utilized for direct computer instruction for all students.

Blairstown benefits from an extremely supportive and ambitious parent-teacher group (PTG). The PTG provides a cadre of volunteers that help throughout the school, but mainly in our classrooms and library. Annually, the PTG donates thousands of dollars to the children and staff of the school adding enhancements that help create a unique educational experience for our girls and boys.

I suggest you take a few minutes to explore our web-site: You will find school photos, the current school calendar, cafeteria menus, school newsletters, teacher sites, links to our Parent Teacher Group web-site, national web-sites, and much more.

Please call the school at 908-362-6111 if you have any questions.

Mark Saalfield, Superintendent

Bruce P. Leal, Principal