Greenwich Township School District (41-1840)

Greenwich Township School District

The Greenwich Township School District is located in Stewartsville, Warren County and serves more than 1300 students. Our PK – 8 district is comprised of two schools, the Greenwich School and the Stewartsville Middle School. Our high school students attend neighboring Phillipsburg High School.

We have developed a comprehensive program of study aligned with the NJ Student Learning Standards. Our teachers infuse technology and 21st Century skills into ongoing classroom activities. Reading, writing, and mathematics are taught across curricular areas and aligned to real world experiences. In addition to English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and World Languages our students also enjoy Technology, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, and Visual Arts instructional programs taught by certified, highly qualified teachers.

Benchmarking assessments in Mathematics and English Language Arts are included in our curriculum and enable teachers to provide instruction based upon each student’s instructional level. This process allows for an inclusive environment where most students receive instruction in the general education classroom with supports and services provided as needed. Building principals, teachers, paraprofessionals, reading specialists, guidance counselors, a school psychologist, a school social worker, a learning consultant, an occupational therapist, and a speech/language specialist provide students with instruction, support, and encouragement which results in a nurturing environment that encourages student success.

As a school district, we work diligently to provide our students with a high quality, meaningful education that also reflects a responsible use of resources. The results are students that achieve well both in the classroom and on state assessments at a cost that continues to be among the lowest in the county and one of the lowest in New Jersey. Balancing the needs of our students and the needs of our local tax payers has been an ongoing theme for our school district. Our successful management of these two necessities comes from ongoing, effective communication with the local municipal government and the community.

We are proud of the strong support we receive from the residents of Greenwich Township, our Parent Teacher Organization, and the Greenwich Autism Alliance all of whom serve as major contributors to the success of our district.