Hope Township School District (41-2250)

Hope Township School District

Hope Township School Mission Statement

"Hope Township School, in cooperation with our community, values the importance of a supportive, challenging education for all students delivered through an effective, contemporary curriculum that meets or exceeds the Common Core State Standards and the New Jersey Core Content Curriculum Standards. By fostering communication and respect in a positive educational environment, all children can realize their potential."

The Hope Township School District is located in rural Warren County. The district consists of classrooms from pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade. The district itself is governed by a seven member Board of Education elected to three-year rotating terms. We also continued to host our shared services initiative with White Township Consolidated School District for the Administrative Leadership Team. This unique agreement enables both districts to share the positions of Superintendent and School Business Administrator/Board Secretary. By all measures, it has been very successful in terms of financial saving and district leadership effectiveness.

In 2015-16, the Hope Township Board of Education, administration and faculty focused on the areas of improving culture and special education.

Hope Township School is a member of the Belvidere Cluster of elementary schools: Belvidere Elementary, Harmony, and White Township School, all of which send grades 9-12 students to Belvidere High School (BHS). The Cluster was served through a four way shared service agreement by Hope's Principal/Director of Curriculum and Instruction. She managed the summer curriculum map updates and alignment with the standards for all revisions. The administration and Grade 6-8 team of teachers are committed to work with BHS to ensure and coordinate proper academic placement for each Hope student which includes various opportunities to visit BHS and Warren County Technical School.

Hope School has a tradition of developing student achievement and providing opportunities for extracurricular activities with the support of the Hope Township Community. Parents have been supportive through the PTA and Recreation Department by providing additional programs for students during and after school.

Hope Township participates in the implementation of the New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum. This is the New Jersey Department of Education's monitoring system for all public schools. This past year, Hope submitted a Statement of Assurance to the New Jersey Department of Education. This statement validated that the district remains certified as a High Performing School District, the highest designation by the NJDOE. In fact, Hope Township School received perfect scores of 100% in the areas of Fiscal Management, Instruction and Program, Governance, and Personnel. In order to attain this highest achievement level, the district must be supported by the community. Everyone in Hope shares in this outstanding accomplishment and in our excellent school system serving the community.

The Hope Township School District continues to maintain quality programs in spite of several funding challenges and the mandated cap on the local tax levy. The district approved a budget that was under cap for the 2015-2016 school year and remains committed to improving programs while minimizing the impact on local property taxes. Hope Township School per student costs continue to be very competitive with similar districts.

The Hope Township Board of Education will continue to encourage life-long learning as a goal and it will strive to provide a well-rounded environment in order to ensure all children in Hope have the opportunities to succeed. Please do not hesitate to contact my office with any questions you might have about our program.