Mansfield Township Elementary School District (41-2970)

Mansfield Township Elementary School District

Mansfield Township

The Mansfield Elementary School serves over 640 students, providing each student with the opportunity to reach his/her potential academically, physically, socially, and creatively through innovative programs and activities.

Mansfield Elementary School houses pre-kindergarten through grade six and is located in Mansfield Township in Warren County, New Jersey. Founded in 1754 along the scenic Musconetcong River, Mansfield is the oldest and second largest municipality in the County, encompassing 30.5 square miles. Mansfield combines a welcoming hometown residential atmosphere with an appropriate mixture of agriculture and commercial life. Mansfield Elementary is a constituent district within the Warren Hills Regional School District. Upon promotion from sixth grade, Mansfield students attend Warren Hills Middle School for grades seven and eight and Warren Hills High School for grades nine through twelve. The experienced staff is committed to educating the whole child through an expert blend of traditional and innovative approaches designed to prepare students for continued education and for future contributions to society. Mansfield insures that its kindergarteners receive a strong foundational start with a full day program. The staff utilizes differentiated instruction at all grade levels to meet individual student needs. Academically, students receive instruction in computer technology, hands-on science, math applications, process writing, literature-based language arts, the appropriate social sciences, and American Sign Language. Physically, students participate in the Walk, Jog, Run Program (grades 5 and 6), physical education classes, and health instruction. Socially, children receive support through L.E.A.D. (grade 5), School Counseling Program, and our Character Education Program (recognized for excellence by the Warren County Human Relations Committee). Our “Bucket Filling” program is our current school-wide initiative to promote respect, kindness, and positive behavior. Creatively, students participate in art classes, general and instrumental music lessons, and performances. The district provides Title I instruction in reading, writing, and mathematics; evaluation and intervention strategies in special education; English as a Second Language (ESL); occupational therapy; speech; and counseling services as needed.

The school currently maintains an average class size of twenty students. All students in grades 1 - 6 receive instruction from specialists in physical education, art, music, health, and world language. In the area of technology, the school has a state-of-art computer lab networked internally to all classrooms, special areas, and offices. The school has a seamless wireless network able to accommodate the demands of the computer-based testing. Grades 2 – 6 have classroom laptops for every student and access to Microsoft 365. Mobile wireless laptop carts are available for classroom and special area use. Our classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards. Our science program uses a hands-on approach and spiraling concepts, which begin in kindergarten and are completed in grade six. All students in grades K-6 use the science lab for the hands-on experiences. The language arts program utilizes a balanced literacy approach. The Literacy Center provides each grade with leveled readings appropriate for all students. Process writing begins in kindergarten and develops throughout the grades with fluency and love of writing as two of its main goals.

Third, fourth, fifth, and sixth graders participate in PARCC, the State assessment program. Our fourth graders also take the NJ ASK test for science. Individual student results are provided to parents. School-wide achievement results are reported annually. The district also utilizes MAP Assessments at all grade levels. MAP enables teachers to target and differentiate instruction to the strengths and needs of each student. The immediacy and depth of feedback provides essential data necessary for teachers to plot an instructional course that promotes continuous student improvement and provides an avenue for tracking individual growth within and across grade levels. Teachers also have access to SuccessMaker, a formative, computer based program that provides information about individual student strengths and weaknesses, allowing educators to differentiate instruction as necessary.

The district believes that parental and community involvement is essential to continued progress and improvement as we collectively guide our children through these formative years. The active Mansfield PTA exemplifies the positive impact of community involvement through the contribution of their gifts of time, talent, and monetary support. The PTA brings cultural and educational programs into the district through its Arts and Education committee. Numerous volunteers assist with copying, field trips, classroom activities, etc. Special events such as Family Fun Night, the Book Fair, and the Variety Show provide enjoyable sources of community gathering and entertainment. Mansfield also has an education foundation to encourage educational innovation and to provide new or enhanced equipment, money, and services for the district.

The district curriculum is clearly and specifically aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. A strong gifted and talented program is available for qualifying students. The program was redesigned to offer more opportunities to students that are able to accept additional challenges. The Warren Hills Cluster, of which Mansfield is a part, shares the services of a curriculum coordinator and has jointly created in-common curriculums in social studies, mathematics, science, language arts, technology, physical education and health, and world language.

Child Care Services
The district offers child care services before and after school for a daily, weekly, or monthly tuition price. The program is directed and all services are provided by certified teachers on staff. The program includes organized play, nutritious snacks, homework time, and various other interesting activities that are appropriate for the children’s age groups. Breakfast is available for an additional cost.

Mission Statement
The Mansfield Township School District Mission Statement summarizes our beliefs:
The Mansfield Township Elementary School District partners with the community to provide a meaningful and rigorous education that instills the value of lifelong learning and empowers all students to reach their full potential and become productive citizens, in accordance with the comprehensive standards of our state.